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The EngineRoom community

The type entrepreneur at EngineRoom is an expert in some aspect of web and mobile production, management and marketing.

They may have come from an agency background and decided to stop making somebody else rich. Sometimes they're a sole founder, sometimes a freelancer and sometimes they have a small team. They usually have their own clients already but plan to scale up.

A thriving hub of opportunity

Our members are very entrepreneurial and they've taken the first step to running their own business by selling their skills to clients.

And although they run their service businesses now, they're very interested in collaborating with other experts to create that killer new product they can scale globally.

EngineRoom has been the ideal place to meet new clients and grow my business. In addition to providing the ability to interact with other young digital entrepreneurs and meet new contacts, it's just an awesome place to come to work each day. The energy in this place is absolutely contagious and I've loved every minute of it!

Andrew Kilday

CEO - The Performance Factory

It's been a great, very positive experience since I moved to EngineRoom and I made it my day-to-day space to work. Among its multiple benefits, specially considering its convenient location and pleasant decor, I really appreciate being surrounded by interesting people with a variety of backgrounds and expertise that gets me very often to learn and think about new trends.

Jordi Munoz

ACG Research & Development

Why join the EngineRoom community?

If you're accepted into the EngineRoom community you'll be able to get more clients, hire the best people, seek investment, and launch new business ideas with the help of your new network of entrepreneurial experts. You'll also get:

  • A dedicated desk you can run your business from each day
  • Free high speed Internet, as you would expect
  • To meet like-minded people to collaborate with
  • To expand your network and amplify your word of mouth
  • Access to a boardroom where you can meet clients or run training
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A glimpse into the community

Here's a glimpse into the EngineRoom community...

Where are our offices?

EngineRoom currently has two offices to choose from (depending on spaces and availability)...

The creative hub of Chippendale

Located just off Abercrombie Street, you're 10 minutes walk to the city, 5 minutes walk to Broadway Shopping Centre, and surrounded by cafes and bars.

The vibrant hub of Darlinghurst

Located on the famous Oxford Street, you're 5 minutes walk to the city and have hundreds of bars, restaurants and shops downstairs.

Founded by a tech entrepreneur

EngineRoom was founded by David Vandenberg, a startup nut with over 15 years working on various startups, from Brisbane's first Internet cafe and ISP, one of Brisbane's first web development firms, to ePharmacy, the online chemist that exploded to become the fifth largest retailer in Australia - Chemist Warehouse.

Through working from home for years and building a web business, David saw first-hand the need for startup businesses to remain connected and collaborate. He has been creating co-working spaces since 2010, including the hugely successful innovation hub, Fishburners.

Starting and running a business is hard and often lonely work. Working out of EngineRoom has given me inspiration with seeing what other are achieving, given me education on relevant topics at many classes, given me the chance to network and be informed at many events, given me friends to go to lunch with and lets not forget that it's a very economical place to work. But most importantly there is a real sense of community of interesting, like minded people dealing with the same sort of problems and doing the similar things. People are very approachable and willing to try to help you to solve your business problems. There is a saying that the "future has already arrived, it's just unevenly distributed" well if you want to know where it has arrived then you should look no further than EngineRoom.

Keith Tatley

EngineRoom rocks our socks. We went from a stale home office to working in the epicentre of the Sydney's entrepreneurship scene. The collaboration, contacts and learnings of new technologies from working in the space has significantly accelerated our growth.

Due to its success here in Australia, we're now adopting the same strategy of utilising co-working spaces in our expansion across Asia. Flexibility, cost efficiency and the ejection of having to worry about space and utilities is vital to any new business making their move.

Joshua Rea

APAC Business Development – eBus

How to apply

We have a careful selection process that ensures we fill our spaces with the best people. If you fit the profile then here are the membership options currently available.

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